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Silverspoon by Michael Pheffer

An immersive web experience, a journey through the endless possibilities of the world wide web. Analyzing the user experience with search engines and the naïve beginning of most and its potential to lead them in a weary direction—unpredictable outcomes and exposure to toxic thoughts and material.

Beginning with a Google search as the basis of the project, I explored the possibilities and information that comes from searching the internet. I quickly noticed a vulnerability as the user, seemingly harmless search terms produced alarming and taunting results. Then, sparked from a recent news story—http://wfla.com/2016/09/15/couple-found-passed-out-in-vehicle-from-overdose-with-toddler-trapped-inside/— I couldn’t help ignore the findings of my internet search. What if the internet sparked this couple to begin using heroin, maybe the wife was searching for an antique replacement spoon, only to be trailed along a path of bent spoons, their use, then heroin users, then the history of heroin, then how to do it? An odd thought process, but I have witnessed first hand the misleading influence of the internet not to such extreme results, but the idea presents itself: We trust the Search Engine.

This project takes an innocent start, leading into the endless possibilities of the internet. Showing a transgression and evolution that the internet allows for. Mixing the physical project with the use of a VR headset creates an immersive real world experience gives a first-hand “trip down internets rabbit hole.”