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Click Expressions by Jocelyn Jiang

This project is a communicative facial expression website. I have nine short videos showing the facial expressions of people to nine different short questions. In the home page, the audience can view all of the nine questions. They can click into each of the question to get to the page of this specific question. Inside the nine detailed pages of the short video, there will be a web camera showing the audience the facial expressions of themselves when viewing the question and other’s reactions.

The goal for this project is to show the audience interesting facial expressions and body reactions to specific short questions. After seeing others various facial expressions and reactions, the audiences themselves can feel the happiness from the video or think deeply about these seemingly daily questions. Hopefully, other people’s reactions can help make the audiences happier or clear their minds. I also put a web camera next to the video I made, so that the audience can compare themselves to the video at the same time when they watched the video and get to know their true feelings from their facial expressions. Hopefully the happiness in the video can make the audience feel better if they are in a bad mood.

Inspired by Petra Cortright's project VVEBCAM, I become interested in the facial expression of people when viewing the webpage. Specifically, I decided to do the facial expression when being asked several short questions that we usually say during normal life. I really appreciate the use of the web cam in Petra Cortright’s project. People sometimes don’t know about their true feelings but other can because people have no way to view their own facial expressions. Thus, I believe that this set up of the web cam is crucial for people to know.

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