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Multiversal by Jack McGuinn

MULTIVERSAL By Jack McGuinn A pitch to Youtube, owned by Google, to develop a virtual model of the universe

Dear Youtube,

You’re the greatest contemporary culture archive humans have ever known. You are a progressor in entertainment, educational and cultural diffusion. As you are aware, VR is revolutionizing the way we interact with computers and thus the internet. “We” will soon not be just a few select geeks and affluent tech addicts, but the common child in the schools, the theaters, and livingrooms. Also “we” will be the parents at the office.

I challenge you to make this aesthetic concept I have thought up into reality for Virtual Reality. Acquire data sets from NASA that denote spatial definition to the expanding universe and all the various star systems, planetary systems and orbital bodies which NASA has spent decades combining. Map these coordinates within a framework of code which makes it possible for the user to travel any where throughout this space.

Why will people travel through this space? They are browsing videos. Videos are specific to each orbital, spherical body in outer space. People want to search and be surprised as well as find the film or video they want. The way that spinning star clusters or planetary systems such as our own would offer their proximity and relative revolving motion to organize videos thematically, by artist, by content creator, by teacher, but news source. There is enough room and space and objects out there for every user to have their own little cove set aside to tag videos and display work for other live users.

When left to browse freely- driving a Millennium Falconesque ship at Falconesque speeds, the randomness of discovery would define the experience. OR as I suspect Youtube already works, the system may place videos that may be relevant and interesting to the user on spheres-be them planets, moons, stars or star systems right in front in the setting right in front of the user.

I don’t intend on there to be any narrative value to experiencing Youtube this way. I find the most important aspect of youtube is not knowing what you will find, and what thread of video’s will lead me to something truly amazing. I use youtube for inspiration as an artist but as a person primarily to educate myself- to the grandiose nature of our world and our people's diverse geological and architectural and ideological landscapes. While there is no narrative inherent to the usage of Youtube now, there won’t in this new fashioning. There will be the actual liberation of the user to move more freely through space and between videos. While at the same time the person is using this virtual model of the universe for entertainment, educational or voyeuristic purposes they are coming in contact with their actual reality and must reconcile as children do to understand how small they are in comparison the cosmos.

I must needn't explain the profitability of space and space themed enterprises. What I press you to do is to develop the preeminent VR universal or cosmic experience that relates as close to the tangible reality as Google Earth’s VR experiences strives to be, yet at the same time offers itself as the new medium for experience user based content. You have the chance to influence billions on how to see the world and outer space in relation to their Earth bound condition.

Thank you very much for the space you have already created for people everywhere. I appreciate you taking the time to read this pitch. Please contact me at mcguinn4@gmail.com to discuss development of this concept.


Jack McGuinn