What is an art is an art http://www-scf.usc.edu/~hyesunch/

Before taking FAIN 315, I was more exposed to the classic art with painting such as renaissance arts. I did know about modern arts; however during FAIN 315 I learned greatly about digital arts, Internet art and arts that did not necessarily required paintings or sculptures. It might not even require a physical form such as relational aesthetics and happening art. To learn that Internet can be a medium for an art was an epiphany moment. I began to question myself what is an art. Art is no longer my definition of a visual physical form of creativity that could be either aesthetic or not using mostly paints or photographs.

I wanted to create a happening art. During class I learned that happenings are to be seen and performed once. Additionally happenings provide opportunity for people to notice our habits. I wanted to create a happening about art, people realizing their expansion of what they believed to be an art and create an art of the thought process of realization. By having them to decide whether they believe the piece to be an art, they are evaluating and elaborating their thoughts. If they are not exposed to contemporary arts, they will be shocked by how many different arts exist in the world. Since Internet is easily accessible and permanent, I wanted to create a different happening art where people can have unlimited access and realize how their thoughts changed about an art. From this, they will be able to create some kind of standardization of an art and realize what their inner criteria they have created from before.

I have used dreamweaver and photoshop to create the website. The piece is called "whatisartisanart". I wanted people to question what are art and what can be considered as art. Therefore I have put in famous art works of artists with different kinds of art such as video art, net art, performance art, happening art, post modern art, rococo art and impression art. Not only I have included art of famous artists, I also have included artworks of my own where they can also question whether it is art by the fame of the artist or the location of where the art is displayed. I also wanted to people to think about the re-performance art or mockery art since I have created an art similar to Lana Newstrom's "Invisible Art." Since I also claimed this to be an art at the end, I also wanted to help audience also about claiming for an art to be art. I have also included definition of art from dictionaries, famous people and social forums. The audience can also think about other people's point of view.