Deskplorationism is an archive of expressionism from the uniformity of desks represented through the medium of the Internet. It reflects and captures how individuals express themselves from a seemingly simple object and how that object could be represented in multiple ways throughout multiple instances in the context of time and space. The images were taken from students’ desks from the University of Southern California using a Canon EOS Rebel T3i. The flash used represented both a literal flash of documentation and a metaphorical embodiment of a flash or moment in time.

The images were arranged vertically to help represent a progression of time overlaying a constant white background characterizing the desks’ uniformity of space. My intent of the piece was to represent how individuals uniquely expressed themselves from the most uniform objects and space and how the representation of expressionism passes through the same objects and spaces throughout time.

As a result, this project captures the uniques and expressive nature of individuals and documents it in a medium where it’s possible to view that expressionism against each other and against time - allowing an individual to view multiple expressions of the same object of different times simultaneously, effectively removing the constructive limitations of time.