The original intention for this website was to present the viewer with a certain amount of text that could be erased by mousing over each letter individually. Once each letter was erased the website would self-destruct, deleting itself from the internet. There would have been multiple websites hosting the program, scattered around the net-sphere for people to find. This was what I consider an idealistic approach to dealing with the concept that everything on the internet is archived, saved, permanent. I wanted to create something that would only exist for the person that found it, an experience that is hard to find online. Technical and intellectual limits made it hard for this idea to be realized exactly as I planned. The erasable letters were implemented via Flash and work perfectly, but even if the letters are all erased the webpage can be refreshed and they will appear once more.

Ultimately, the attempt to resist the nature of the internet failed. The resulting project still embodies the idea I set forth to communicate, but is perhaps more bitter than its original iteration was. Now the text presented to the user is “this is permanent” (in all caps), which of course can be erased for a moment, only to reappear when the page is refreshed. Instead of granting the joy of having been the one and only person to experience something online, the site became a reminder that the internet space favors the immortal over the temporary.