searching for connections or whatever

“searching for connections or whatever” is a blog where I document the different ways that I make human contact through social media. We are all searching for connections. Whether those connections have to do with love, friendship, followers, or emotional connections with complete strangers, the Internet is a place that allows us to do that.

Through my personal adventures of dating and finding connections, this blog explores the meaning behind messages and how the ease of technology convolutes how we express our thoughts when we are separated by a screen. A simple message or a mutual “liking” can mark the start of a relationship, but that also means a simple message, mutual “unfollowing,” or online disappearance can end a relationship just as instantly.

Because of the Internet, the way we interact with people is different than before. We so often convince ourselves to not put too much meaning or emotion behind what we read on the Internet as if we don’t trust what other people say on a screen. However, in today’s society expressing our thoughts on a screen is slowly taking over real life interactions, creating confusion regarding interpretation. Is technology supposed to make things easier? Or is it just allowing us to establish short empty connections?

Inspired by web artists like Kaja Cxzy Anderson, Man Bartlett, and Petra Cortright, I take Internet related images and ideas out of context and do performances based on the Internet to document my connections. Presented in the form of Craigslist Missed Connections, each post serves as a different story or kind of interaction that commonly takes place through social media. Craigslist is a place where people go when they are looking for something. This is the story of my search.

*some humans may have been hurt in the making of this project, but don't worry I'm way over u.