Hello! We are the Values, Ideology, and Morality Lab at USC. We are trying to find empirical answers to questions regarding people's deepest core beliefs and worldviews. Why do we care so passionately about what's morally right and wrong, and why do we so often disagree about this? How do shared ideological narratives influence our sense of right and wrong, and how do our moral convictions influence our political choices?


To answer these questions we conduct studies in USC's Social Behavior Lab, or online at YourMorals.org, or sometimes -- if we really, really want to know the answer -- we even leave the building and venture out into the world. If you are a USC undergrad interested in becoming a research assistant, please fill out this form and check out this video to see what you can gain from researching as an undergrad in our lab. Otherwise, click on the links above to find out more about us, read our papers, and search for embarrassing pictures of our PI.