Message from Dr. Joyce Mann and Dr. Joanna Yu

Thank you for the generous donation to the International Public Policy and Management Program. It means the world to us. Your selfless giving enables us to provide growth-enriching opportunities for our students. By attending the ASPA (American Society of Public Administration) Conference in Washington, D.C. (2014), Chicago (2015), and Seattle (2016), they were able to gain valuable knowledge of government-related topics that advanced their careers critically, enhanced their professional development, expanded their personal network, increased their awareness of the challenges governments face at all levels, and kindled their interest in searching for innovative solutions to society's pressing needs.

We are fortunate to have you as donors. Thank you for investing in our program and our students. Your generous gift will continue to go to good use. We will update you throughout the year with program announcements and special events.

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Past ASPA Conference Highlights:

< 2017 - Atlanta, GA >
< 2016 - Seattle, WA >
< 2015 - Chicago, IL >
< 2014 - Washington, D.C. >