The following interviews were conducted by Vince Okada (IPPAM 8-Japan) and Cori Andre Crane (IPPAM 8-USA).


Q: Where are you from, Yanning?
Yanning: I'm from Changchun, China. I grew up in Changchun City.

Q: Where do you live now? What do you do?
Yanning: I live in Beijing now. I am running my architectural design firm, and also pursuing my Ph.D. degree at the Tsinghua University now. My major is Architecture, same as my bachelor degree. I plan on finishing the degree within three years. I'm becoming busier and busier with work and school these days.

Q: Do you feel anything you learned from IPPAM has been useful for your current study/work?
Yanning: When I was in the IPPAM program, I choose Urban Planning as my concentration. Urban planning is similar to architecture.

Q: What do you remember the most about the IPPAM experience?
Yanning: Those leisure activities shared with classmates were the activities that were unforgettable. Some major activities were the beach day, homecoming, dinners, and graduation.

Q: Do you still meet with your other IPPAM alumni?
Yanning: Yes, I always took part of the IPPAM Beijing reunion event every year. With other IPPAM alumni, I work together and travel in Beijing.

Q: Do you have any comments to the IPPAM program?
Yanning: I wish the IPPAM program great successes in the future.


Q: Hello, Jenny. Where are you from originally? Where did you grow up?
Jenny: I was born in Mainland China, Shan Dong Province, however, moved to Hong Kong, England, and the USA for education respectively.

Q: I heard you own a business now. What do you do now? What kind of work are you doing? How is your current work related to what you learned from IPPAM?
Jenny: I started a private jet business in the aviation industry in Hong Kong after I graduated from IPPAM. My business relates to financing, aircraft management, charter and other supporting services for clients to enjoy the luxury of flying on a private jet. The organizational skills, leadership, communication skills and team spirit that I learned from IPPAM are the essential capabilities for my career development now.

Q: Do you still meet with other IPPAM alumni? Involved in any IPPAM events?
Jenny: Yes. One of my colleagues is actually an IPPAM alumnus. I participated in the IPPAM annual events. I also introduce candidates to join the IPPAM program.

Q: What are the reasons you decided to help out the IPPAM program? Do you have any wish and desire for the IPPAM program?
Jenny: I want the program to host more events to bring the students together and have more public exposure. In addition, I hope future students of IPPAM can enjoy more resources.


Daniel Chien, an IPPAM 8 graduate and alumnus, has always displayed an interest in philanthropy and during his time at IPPAM, he had demonstrated this on numerous occasions in regards to his peers and his actions as a student senate member. IPPAM will invest Daniel Chien's gracious donation towards IPPAM community services.

Q: Daniel, you travel quite often for work. What do you do?
Daniel: I am running my business in real estate in Taiwan and China.

Q: Do you think what you learned from the IPPAM program has been useful for your work?
Daniel: The skills I learned from the IPPAM can be applied to my current work such as policy making and communication. Those practices benefit my work a lot. IPPAM is like a small United Nations. We come from different cultures and backgrounds. We are immersed in a global environment enriched and informed by the diverse perspectives. The "globalization" experience really inspired me to enhance my relationships with my employees, customers, partners and friends in this converging world.

Q: Do you still meet with your other IPPAM alumni? Involved in any IPPAM events?
Daniel: At the end of each year, we have IPPAM reunion dinners in Asia. I attend events in Taiwan & China every year. It's really a great time to meet our professors, classmates, and new IPPAMers.

Q: What are the reasons you decided to assist the IPPAM program? Do you have any wish and desire for the IPPAM program?
Daniel: The wonderful memories of IPPAM have widened my network, which is proven to be very useful. What I've done for a modest spur is to induce all IPPAM alumni to come forward with valuable contributions. I really hope the donation helps IPPAM deliver more community services to not only invite more alumni to come back to IPPAM program events but also find and recruit more high quality new students to join us.


Julia Pan graduated the IPPAM program in 2004 with a specialization in Health Care Administration. She loved her time with IPPAM and wanted to give back to the program. She speaks about how this is just not gratitude, but paying back of all the great insights and skills learned through the IPPAM program. Starting this year, the Pan family has committed to giving to the IPPAM program for the next five years.