Demetrio Cuzzocrea

University of San Diego

Demetrio Cuzzocrea has more than two decades of experience in the interactive and entertainment industries and possesses rare equilibrium in left and right-brained thinking. In the past, between winning awards for his filmmaking and acting, he served as Director of Interactive Client Services and Sales for a tier-1 managed hosting company while also coordinating the group's production pipeline. Following this, Demetrio embraced the entrepreneurial spirit fully and has co-founded at least a half dozen companies, like Whoop, Inc. (a mobile app platform solution), EmergentApps, LLC (an application and platform technology incubation group) , Disruptive Enterprises, LLC (a wine label that gives back), 90/10 Advisors (supporting sustainable products and solutions), and more.

Clients and partners have included: AOL, Georgia Tech, the American Red Cross, National Lampoon, Disney South America, Hughes Telematics, the Argentinian Football Association (AFA), Reed Exhibitions, Buffalo Wild Wings, National Lampoon, Stan Lee's Superhero Ball Wars, Fireback Movies, Magmo, the Abby Lee Dance Company and Jo Frost.

Demetrio has also worked with Warner Brothers, DreamWorks Music, Reuters America, and, for the last 15 years, the Digital Terrorism & Hate interactive CD-ROM report and mobile app released by the Simon-Wiesenthal Center, a UN sponsored NGO, which annually garners international media attention.

Demetrio is a University of Virginia graduate and received a Masters in Fine Arts from the University of San Diego on full scholarship. As a professional filmmaker / screenwriter, he has written numerous screenplays and had a play produced in Los Angeles. His documentary film "Different From You: Unfulfilled Promises to the Mentally Ill" has enjoyed wide educational distribution in the U.S. As a professional union actor, Demetrio has appeared extensively on stage and screen, and even provided the voice for animated characters.