[2015 UPDATE]

As many of you might be aware, IPPAM runs a fund called Siti Safarah Fund, which was created after an IPPAM 5 cohort alumnus, Siti Safarah, passed away due to the 2004 tsunami, along with her husband and new-born baby. The fund allowed Siti's two oldest children, who survived the tsunami, the ability to attend school because of generous contributions from IPPAM students like you.

Siti's children are now in college studying medicine (Wanti, chosen by the Turkish government for a full scholarship to study medicine in Turkey) and architecture. The support of fellow IPPAM students throughout the years has allowed them to obtain a wonderful education and to go on to college, where they now thrive.

We are now in the process of transitioning this fund from one based on assisting Siti's children to a humanitarian assistance fund for IPPAM family, including alumni, current students, or incoming students. This fund will support those who have undergone natural disasters or humanitarian crises, and need financial support in order to survive.

Not only will this fund support IPPAM alumni who undergo these situations, but it will also serve as a fund for incoming IPPAM students that need assistance with university-related charges like textbooks and health insurance that they will not be able to afford.

Donations from IPPAM students were what drove the success of the Siti Safarah fund, and what will allow the IPPAM fund to succeed. Please consider making a donation to the IPPAM Fund, and feel free to reach out to IPPAM office with any questions, comments or concerns that you may have.

Thank you so much!

[2011 UPDATE]

Currently, Siti's older daughter, Wanti Zahraui Aini (Wanti), is eighteen years old and the younger son, Sayidi Malikuddhahir ar Ramny (Sayidi), is sixteen years old.

IPPAM has adopted Siti Safarah's two children's educational expenses for what is now eight years. Our unwavering support has allowed both Wanti and Sayidi to succeed and lead fulfilling lives. Wanti, who was the top of her class in high school, was chosen by the Turkish Government for a full scholarship to study medicine in Turkey. Sayidi is currently in boarding school but plans to join his sister abroad when he is finished in two years. Both children want to follow their mother in studying in the field of medicine.

[Message from the IPPAM Office]

Dear IPPAM Family and Friends,

In 2004 Asia suffered of the most destructive tsunamis in history. The Tsunami tragedy in Asia caused IPPAM to lose one of our finest students the day after Christmas.

Siti Safarah was a student at IPPAM who was in Indonesia at the time of the tsunami. Although Siti's two children survived, unfortunately, neither Siti, her husband, nor her new born child survived. Contributions are sent to Siti's brother, Abdul Muhaimin Husein, every year. Together, IPPAM and Abdul ensure Wanti and Sayidi receive good quality education.

We hope that you will share this meaningful commitment with IPPAM by supporting our fundraising efforts. Your sponsorship is important and would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or would like additional information please contact IPPAM office at (213) 531-7852 or please send email inquiries to

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