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“After graduating from Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia (with a major in language and literature), I embarked on my career path in community development efforts with international NGOs; as I have always had the desire to boost my knowledge on global development. I served in different capacities to change the lives of communities in Ethiopia. IPPAM helped me achieve my goals by exposing me to experiences gathered from different parts of the world. It handed me the tools to understand policies in various aspects that can matter in my day to day life. In addition, it helped me develop a grasp of knowledge about the nonprofit sector and its emerging new concepts and operations. IPPAM also provided various domestic and international networking opportunities and events relevant to my experience which ranged from policy issues, to business and the public sector. Among the IPPAM faculty, Professor Rym Kaki had the biggest impact on me. Her deep knowledge of multidisciplinary topics helped me expand my knowledge and challenged my way of thinking! My favorite aspect of IPPAM program would be the vast pool of professional network and institutions where students gain practical experience along learning theory. Prospective graduate students should consider IPPAM especially if they desire to gain practical international knowledge.”


“I received my Bachelor of Social Science in Public Administration from KIMEP University in Kazakhstan. I worked as assistant to the Head of the Committee on Social and Cultural Development, in the Mazhilis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan, and as Executive Secretary of Advisory Councils (Social Council, Council on Economic Policy, and Council on Regional Policy) and consultant to the organizational and legal departments. I loved the course PPD 555: Public Policy Formulation and Implementation, and it helped me narrow down my area of interest. The course PPD 569: Applied International Public Policy and Management Project helped me to conduct further research on improving the national policy framework on gender in media. Professors Gayla Kraetsch Hartsough and Rym Kaki impacted me the most during my time at IPPAM because both of them really helped me improve my research and writing skills, and taught me how to create good policies for the benefit of the people. Working with my classmates with their international backgrounds and experiences, sharing ideas with them, and working together on projects gave me different perspectives on how to work collaboratively to make the world a better place. My favorite aspect of IPPAM is that it is a family. It is not just a regular program, but cares about students and their futures and families. The staff members, including Joyce, Joanna, Ann, Michelle, Kelly, and George help students go through their two years with support and encouragement. Students should choose the IPPAM program to discover their core values for their professional career and their personal life.”


“I received my Bachelor of Science in Jurisprudence and my Bachelor of Science in Information Systems before the IPPAM program, and worked as a state employee for the Treasury System in Kazakhstan and Chief Specialist at the Law Department of the Department of Treasury in Almaty City. The IPPAM courses I took helped me in organizing my job duties. Courses such as Civic Engagement in Governance, Public Policy Formulation and Implementation, and Policy and Program Evaluation gave me the knowledge to analyze and understand social issues and find the right solutions to solve problems. I am using the people engagement methods I learned about at IPPAM in my current position to collaborate with my colleagues in performing tasks at our department. I am using before and after evaluation techniques to analyze the results of my job performance. Furthermore, at the Law Department, I am using the SMART method in setting goals and planning our functions to provide the best legal services to corporate clients of the Treasury Department. IPPAM is a great program designed to provide not only the best educational opportunities for students but to grant professional direction as well, so that they can receive practical experience during their studies. I loved the IPPAM program because I had the opportunity to learn theoretical knowledge as well as gain practical experience in the public policy field. I participated in case challenges tackling social issues and attended guest lectures, and attended international conferences to meet professionals in public policy as well. I also love the IPPAM program because of the faculty and staff, as the IPPAM directors and professors are caring and really take care of their students.”


“I received my bachelor's degree in Economics from the Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communication in Almaty, Kazakhstan in 2009. After graduating, I worked as a Chief Specialist at the Division of Human Resources of the Regional Department of the Treasury in Aktobe, Kazakhstan for 3 years. Since October 2016, I have been working as a Head of the Human Resources Division at the Ministry of Information and Communication in Astana, Kazakhstan. The IPPAM program has helped me expand my knowledge and professional skills. Courses such as International Public Policy Analysis and Management, Public Policy Formulation and Implementation and Public Policy Evaluation broadened my knowledge of policy creation. The Applied International Policy Analysis and Management course, where I conducted research on employee performance and developed policy recommendations with Professor Gayla Kraetsch Hartsough, impacted me the most. I am currently using those policy recommendations, strategies and evaluation to improve appraisal programs at my new job. Thanks to IPPAM, I was lucky to attend the ASPA conference twice, through which I had an opportunity to develop my educational and professional skills. I attended seminars that focused on finance, budgeting, human resources, strategic planning, and ethics. I also participated as a Student Ambassador at the National After School Summit in March 2015. Both experiences allowed me to network with professionals and public officials, such as former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and mayors of several cities, who had been working on these issues. Moreover, the IPPAM staff cares about each student so much, which helps us forget we are far away from home. I highly recommend this program for every person, who cares about the present and future.”