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Bassam Albathi is a family physician who completed the International Public Policy and Management program in 2010. He is currently the head of one of the Primary Health Centers in Kuwait, and believes that the IPPAM program helped him become more skilled in hospital management. During his time at USC, he felt that everyone in IPPAM was "One Family," and that IPPAM helps students who eventually become employers to manage their work and professional duties more efficiently.


“I received my BS in Economics and worked for seven years for the Treasury in the Turkish Government. As a treasury expert, I work primarily on Turkey-European Union relations, and economic harmonization policies. The course PPD 571: International Public Policy and Management Seminar with Dr. Rym Kaki was helpful for my professional development because I had the chance to learn about the terms of the public policy making process, and how these policies are implemented. Dr. Kaki made a big impact on me not only through her great lectures, but because of her personality as well. My favorite aspect of the IPPAM Program was the close relations among IPPAM family members together with the program directors, lecturers, staff members, and students. IPPAM is more than a master’s program, and provides a cozy environment for students. IPPAM is unique with its social events like the annual talent show, Thanksgiving dinner, and Secret Santa gift exchange. By being a part of these special events, we learned not only about our classmates, but also about their cultures, traditional foods, and their families. IPPAM is a concise picture of the world with its cultural diversity. After being a part of the IPPAM family, I have Kazakh, Armenian, Taiwanese, and Indonesian sisters, and Japanese, American, Chinese, and Arabic brothers. I have not heard of such a unique master’s program from my friends studying at other universities. I feel very lucky for choosing IPPAM, and for having been chosen by IPPAM.”