International Communication Association

The International Communication Association was formed in 1950 bringing together academicians and other professionals whose interest focused on human communication.

The Association maintains an active membership of more than 3,100 individuals of which some two-thirds are teaching and conducting research in colleges, universities and schools around the world. Other members are in government, the media, communication technology, business law, medicine and other professions.

The wide professional and geographical distribution of the membership provides the basic strength of the ICA. The Association is a meeting ground for sharing research and useful dialogue about communicational interests.

Through its Divisions and Interest Groups, publications, annual conferences and its relations with other associations around the world, ICA promotes the systematic study of communication theories, processes and skills.

ICA's membership is multinational. ICA's Board of Directors maintains a policy of conducting Annual Conferences in North America for three consecutive years and outside North America the fourth year.

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