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Email: guptavis "at" usc "dot" edu

I am always looking for new students and collaborators.

› Prospective and Existing Ph.D. Students

If you’re a prospective Ph.D. candidate, please apply to our Ph.D. program in Data Science and Operations. Please specify in your application that you are interested in working with me, and what types of research problems, in particular, interest you.

Ph.D. candidates are admitted and funded by the school, not by individual faculty. Consequently, all applications are reviewed by a committee, and my opinion is only one of many. Questions about the Ph.D. program should be directed to the Coordinator, Prof. Greys Sosic.

If you’re an existing Ph.D. student at USC and want to collaborate on a project, please:

  • Check to make sure it’s ok with your advisor.
  • Take a look at some of my research papers.
  • Email me so we can talk about your research so far, and what kinds of problems excite you!

› Master’s and Undergraduate Students

I sometimes have empirical or computational projects suitable for ambitious Master’s and Undergraduate students. These projects are fairly technical, so an ideal candidate would have

  • A strong mathematical/quantitative background
  • A working knowledge of mathematical optimization. You should know what the words “Linear optimization problem”, “duality” and “convex optimization” mean, and be able to use software to solve such problems.
  • A solid grasp of a programming language (R, Julia, Python or other)

If that’s you, please email me!

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