• Introduction

    I am an Assistant Professor of Data Sciences and Operations in the University of Southern California. I am a member of the USC Marshall Statistics Group. I graduated from Stanford University with a Statistics PhD in 2013, after defending this thesis. My advisor at Stanford was Iain Johnstone. Prior to that, I studied at Indian Statistical Institute for my Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

    Research Interest: High-dimensional Statistics, Empirical Bayes Methods, Predictive Inference, Connections between Estimation & Prediction theory.
  • Teaching

    In this Semester, I am teaching Applied Business Statistics (BUAD 310).

      • Section: 14921R,   Location: HOH EDI,   Schedule: MW, 2.00-3.10pm.

    Class notes and lecture slides are available from their respective course-homes in BLACKBOARD -- USC's e-learning platform. I will assign online homework through MyStatLab interface. Please look at the class syllabus and blackboard announcements for all other information regarding the class.

  • Research

    • Mukherjee G and Johnstone IM. Exact minimax estimation of the predictive density in sparse Gaussian models. Annals of Statistics, 2015.
    arXiv:1211.2071 [math.ST]

    • Brown LD, Mukherjee G and Weinstein A. Empirical Bayes Estimates for a 2-Way Cross-Classified Additive Model. arXiv:1605.08466 [stat.ME]

    • Mukherjee G, Brown LD and Rusmevichientong P. Empirical Bayes Prediction for the Multivariate Newsvendor Loss Function. arXiv:1511.00028 [math.ST]

    • Radchenko P and Mukherjee G. Consistent clustering using an $\ell_1$ fusion penalty. arXiv:1412.0753 [stat.ME];

    • Mukherjee G and Johnstone IM. On the within-family Kullback-Leibler risk in Gaussian Predictive models. arXiv:1212.0325 [math.ST];

    • Mukherjee G. Sparsity and Shrinkage in Predictive Density Estimation. Ph.D. Thesis, Stanford University, 2013.

    • Sen N, Mukherjee G, Sen A, Bendall S, Sung P, Nolan G and Arvin AM. Single Cell Analysis of the Remodeling of Human Tonsil T Cells by Varicella-Zoster Virus. Cell Reports, July 2014, ISSN 2211-1247.

    • Sen A, Rott L, Phan N, Mukherjee G and Greenberg HB. The rotavirus NSP1 protein inhibits IFN-mediated STAT1 activation. Journal of Virology 88.1 (2014): 41-53.

    • Sen A, Rothenberg ME, Mukherjee G, Feng N, Nair N, Kalisky T, Johnstone IM, Clarke MF and Greenberg HB. Innate immune response to homologous rotavirus infection in the small intestinal villous epithelium at single-cell resolution. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 109.50 (2012): 20667-20672.

    • Gustin SL, Mukherjee G, Baker VL, Westphal LM, Milki AA and Lathi RB. Early pregnancy testosterone after ovarian stimulation and pregnancy outcome. Fertility and Sterility, Volume 97, Issue 1, January 2012.


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