University of Southern California, Department of Mathematics

Colloquium (meets Wed. 3:30-4:30 in KAP 414)

Fall 2016

Wed. 8/24: Richard Weiss, Tufts University, Descent in buildings (click here for abstract)
Wed. 9/7: Persi Diaconis, Stanford University, Bose and boxes (click here for abstract)
Wed. 9/21: Mina Aganagic, UC Berkeley, Two mathematical applications of (little) string theory (click here for abstract)
Wed. 10/12: Ben Elias, University of Oregon, An introduction to the Kazhdan-Lusztig conjectures (click here for abstract)
Wed. 10/26: Eva Bayer Fluckiger, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Hasse principle and norm equations (click here for abstract)
Wed. 11/2: Cristian Lenart, SUNY Albany, Affine Lie algebras, quantum K-theory, and combinatorics (click here for abstract)
Wed. 11/9: Adam Sheffer, Caltech, Geometric Incidences and the Polynomial Method (click here for abstract)
Fri. 12/2: (Special colloquuim) Marc Hoyois, MIT
Mon. 12/5: (Special colloquium) Stefan Steinerberger, Yale University
Spring 2017

Wed. 1/11: (Special colloquium) Vlad Vicol, Princeton University, Turbulent weak solutions to hydrodynamic equations (click here for abstract)
Wed. 1/18: Jennifer Wilson, Stanford University, Stability in the homology of configuration spaces (click here for abstract)
Wed. 1/25: Sara Billey, University of Washington, Reduced words and a formula of Macdonald (click here for abstract)
Wed. 2/1: Goncalo Tabuada, MIT, Noncommutative Motives (click here for abstract)
Wed. 2/8: Patricia Hersh, North Carolina State Universiy, Crystal graphs and SB-labelings (click here for abstract)
Wed. 3/8: Eugene Gorsky, UC Davis, Knot invariants, Hilbert schemes and Macdonald polynomials (click here for abstract)
Wed. 3/29: Marcelo Disconzi, Vanderbilt University, Viscous fluids in general relativity and the Einstein-Navier-Stokes equations (click here for abstract)
Wed. 4/19: (Whiteman lecture) Mark Green, UCLA
Wed. 4/26: Alex Wright, Stanford University, Dynamics, geometry, and the moduli space of Riemann surfaces (click here for abstract)