University of Southern California, Department of Mathematics

Colloquium (meets Wed. 3:40-4:30 in KAP 414)

Fall 2014

Wed. 9/3: Mark Huber, Claremont McKenna College, Building a better Bernoulli factory (click here for abstract)
Wed. 10/8: Francis Bonahon, USC, On the work of Maryam Mirzakhani (click here for abstract)
Wed. 10/15: Thomas Church, Stanford University, Combinatorial stability and representation stability (click here for abstract)
Wed. 10/22: Francis Su, Harvey Mudd College, Voting in Agreeable Societies (click here for abstract)
Wed. 11/5:
Wed. 11/12: Gunter Malle, TU Kaiserslautern
Wed. 11/19: Maciej Wojtkowski, University of Arizona
Wed. 12/3: Frank Sottile, Texas A&M

Spring 2015

Wed. 1/14:
Wed. 1/21: Skip Garibaldi, Emory University and IPAM
Wed. 1/28:
Wed. 2/4: David Dumas, University of Illinois at Chicago
Wed. 2/11: Ryan Vinroot, College of William and Mary
Tu. 2/17: Michael Hopkins (Harvard), Whiteman lecture 1
Wed. 2/18: Michael Hopkins (Harvard), Whiteman lecture 2
Wed. 2/25: Yuri Tschinkel, Simons Foundation
Wed. 3/4: Gabriel Navarro, University of Valencia
Wed. 3/11:
Wed. 3/25: Matthew Kahle, Ohio State University
Wed. 4/1: Igor Pak, UCLA
Wed. 4/8:
Wed. 4/15:
Wed. 4/22:
Wed. 4/29: James Zhang, University of Washington