Women in Biology
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This page focuses on the educational experience at all levels, but with particular focus on doctoral and postdoctoral level. Start with general issues , and the leaky pipeline . Then you will find information about PhDs and postdocs , dealing with discrimination via TitleIX, and some links about Pre-college science education.
Section I: general education issues (from the perspective of students)
  • See the faculty page for links related to faculty careers
  • We have a whole page on the chilly climate in academe; check out the reports page for specific statistics and government reports on this subject too.
  • Gender issues in higher education
  • Womens Equity online resource center for issues in education equity, including the newsroup EdEquity
  • Tapping the Talent: Encouraging more women into science, engineering and technology.
  • Study projects on women in science from Brown University
  • Women in science: one woman's thoughts and advice
  • A college guide for women interested in the sciences: an essay project
  • The Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU) has a Program on the status and education of women which includes discussion of Women's leadership: changing concepts of power and an initiative on Women and Scientific Literacy.
  • Findings from the Condition of Education 1997: Women in Mathematics and Science. Interesting report from the National Center for Education Statistics.
  • Where are our priorities?, an essay about science funding, education, and careers.
  • Interviews with 13 women in science, and other resources on women in science from the Field Museum in Chicago
  • Achieving gender equity in the classroom
  • From the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education (ENC): an enormous web site with lots of information, including The Equity Guide, with links to on line reports including Gender Bias in Mathematics, Science and Technology: a report card. This site is very worth exploring -- check out their site map for an overview, and don't forget to click on the links in their top menu bar.
  • The Gender Imbalance in Physics Education, while not specifically about biology, discusses issues that are common to study of all the sciences. And after all, biologists also study chemistry and physics. Strategies to get women into physical sciences
  • Project Kaleidoscope
  • New "professional" Master's degrees in science, an option for the non-academic track, because "doctoral training isn't what many students really want and doesn't prepare them for the jobs they eventually take."
  • Section II: Leaky pipeline
    Section III: PhD students

    PhD students/grad school issues

    Section IV: Postdocs
    Section V: Title IX
    Title IX was landmark US legislation that guarantees equal access for women in many aspects of education at federally funded educational institutions.
  • Recently, some have proposed using Title IX to ensure equal access for women faculty in science.
  • Women in the Sciences: Left Out, Left Behind," a nation wide campaign for women in science.
  • This responds to the recent GAO report (PDF) about women in science as part of Title IX. This as requested by Senators Barbara Boxer (CA) and Ron Wyden (OR).
  • More information about this campaign:visit this site. Also the women's perogative site.
  • Female faculty and the sciences: should Title IX apply to science faculty?
  • Section VI: Pre-college