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Sequence comparisons

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Protein Domains


Large data sets

  • genequiz from the EBI gives access to functional data across genomes--helps you find out what your protein does based on comparisons to many complete genomes.
  • GRID: General Repository for Interaction Datasets (for S. cerevisaie). The GRID is a database of genetic and physical interactions developed in The Tyers Group at the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute at Mount Sinai Hospital. It contains interaction data from many sources, including several genome/proteome-wide studies, the MIPS database, and BIND. includes Osprey, a software tool to visualize interactions.
    A project to record published fission yeast genetic and physical interactions is underway with Mike Tyers and the GRID group at Toronto. A sample page is here. If you are interested in participating either in direct data entry of your favorite genes, or in assisting in quality control after the data entry is complete, please email Val Wood val (AT) SANGER (DOT) A C (DOT) U K to join the pombe GRID mailing list.
  • Meta analysis of coexpression data from the Kim lab. This group compared data from microarray experiments across four eukaryotic species and looked for gene pairs that were coexpressed. This site has the supplemental data from their Science paper which you can search for your favorite genes.

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