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Forsburg Lab Photos

various photos from the lab
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Susan's first four students at Debbie's thesis defense (December 2000). Debbie, Susan and Dan S. (PhD 1999) at the top, Mike (PhD 2004) and Will (PhD 2005) below.
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Postdoc reunion in Kyoto at the 2nd fission yeast meeting in 2002: Julie, Sally, Susan, Eliana, and Hilary. Julie is a senior scientist at Amgen; Eliana is director = at Barofold; Sally is an associate prof at San Francisco State, and Hilary is a research associate at the ICMB, Edinburgh.
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Road Trip to FASEB meeting: Susan, Elian and Sally on the Continental Divide in 2000
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2nd international fission yeast meeting, 2002. Susan with Tom Kelly and Paul Nurse
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Lab alumni reunion at the pombe2011 meeting. Current members Lin, Nimna, Tara, Sarah, and Amanda. Alumni Rebecca and Matt.
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Yeast Unleashed: Sarah, Susan, and Pao-Chen in a USC College Magazine article about pombe, 2009
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Award WInners: Pao-Chen (TA of the year) and Matt Getz (SCynergy Award), 2008
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Sarah Sabatinos, a Remarkable Woman of USC, 2009