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Pombenet: Frequently Asked Questions

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. The links here are being updated to the pages of the new site. Use this part of our website to answer your pombe questions. If you have a question that isn't answered here, you can try asking pombelist.


* What's pombe?
* What are some useful numbers and constants about pombe (the almanac)?
* How evolutionarily distant is pombe from cerevisiae?
* Can I make beer with pombe?
* Where can I learn about S. pombe history?
* Where does wild type strain 972 come from?
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Genetics: How do I....

* Make diploids?
* Work with h90 strains?
* Work with non-sporulating (mat2-102) diploids?
* Make crosses?
* Pull tetrads or do random spores?
* Choose markers?
* Do bulk spore germination?
* Do colony PCR?
* Construct disruptions and integrations?
* Find genetic mapping data?
* Make media?
* Counterselect with FOA?
* Use drug selections?
* Just where are all those ade6 mutations, anyway?
* Grow in non-fermentable carbon sources?
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Cell and molecular biology: How do I....

* Do FACS (flow cytometry)?
* Find out why pombe FACS has no 1C peak?
* DAPI stain fixed cells?
* Choose the right plasmid?
* Choose the right promoter?
* Transform pombe with a plasmid?
* Shut off the nmt promoter?
* Titrate expression from the nmt promoter?
* Do cross-complementation with genes from other species?
* Do plasmid shuffle?
* Make a temperature sensitive mutant?
* Use hydroxylamine to mutagenize my plasmid in vitro?
* Find more protocols?
* Find info about GFP fusions?
* Treat my cells with DNA damaging agents?
* Design primers to disrupt or amplify open reading frames?
* Design TAP-tag fusions for protein purifications?
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Reagents, methods, and references: How do I....

* Get strains?
* Get plasmids?
* Find references for plasmids and methods?
* Name my gene or contact the nomenclature committee?
* Make drug stocks?
* Perform image analysis / segmentation?
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Genomics: How do I....

* Find or analyze sequences?
* Access the pombe genome project?
* Find out about post-genomics? (also see Juerg's page )
* Find the S. cerevisiae homologue to my gene?
* Find out about genome-wide epigenetic analysis (from Shiv Grewal's lab)
* Find out genome statistics?
* Find out restriction site usage in the genome?
* Check codon usage?
* Learn about the related yeasts S. japonicus, octosporus, and cryophilus?
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Community: How do I....

* Find pombe people?
* Find pombe meetings?
* Join mailing lists and newsgroups?
* Find postdoc positions?
* Find the latest community news?