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Forsburg Lab Offspring

A number of our members have had families (mostly after leaving the lab....). We collected most of these pictures a couple of years ago and update as we are sent them!
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JiPing Yuan (current technician and avid fisherman) and family: Patricia Jing, and Christina and Joshua Yuan
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Hilary Snaith (postdoc 1997-2000) with husband Alastair, and children Edward (age 1 month), Jessica (age 5yrs), and Daniel (age 2.25 yr). Hilary is a research associate in Edinburgh.
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Eliana Gómez (postdoc 2000-2005) sent this picture of Azul and Paloma
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Mike Catlett (PhD '03) and Annika (age 2, but much younger in this picture. She's the one in green :-). Mike is now a staff scientist for Novozymes, Inc
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Will Dolan (PhD '05) with Mimi and Molly. Will is a director at GSK.
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Debbie Liang (PhD '00) with Janine (aged 5.5yrs). After a soujourn in Switzerland, Debbie is back on the East Coast.
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Danielle Paige, MS '00, with Owen (2.5yrs). Danielle now teaches chemistry at Los Altos High School.
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Dan Sherman (PhD '99) with Helena (age5), Caleb (age 3), and Delphine (13 days!). Dan is a bioinformatics consultant..