Fernando Ordóñez

Associate Professor
Daniel J. Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Joint appointment in Computer Science Department
Viterbi School of Engineering
University of Southern California

3715 McClintock Ave, GER-240
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0193

Phone:(213) 821-2413
fax:(213) 740-1120
fordon at usc dot edu


ISE 599   Robust Optimization   Fall 2004
ISE 520   Optimization: Theory and Algorithms   Fall 2006
ISE 530   Introduction to Operations Research   Spring 2004
ISE 536   Linear Programming and Extensions   Fall 2003,   Fall 2004,   Fall 2005,   Fall 2006
ISE 532   Network Flows   Spring 2003,  Spring 2004,  Spring 2007
ISE 650abcd   Phd Seminar in Industrial Enginering   Spring 2003

My Academic Introduction:

I studied mathematical engineering at the University of Chile. In 2002, I obtained my Ph.D. in Operations Research from the Operations Research Center at MIT.   A copy of my cv is here: cv

My research interests concern optimization in general. In particular I am interested in convex optimization, robust optimization, complexity of algorithms, sensitivity analysis, condition number theory, computation, and applications of optimization to engineering and management science. A brief description of my current research interests is here.

A list of my publications and working papers here.

My Non-academic Introduction:

I was born in Santiago, Chile. Here is a picture with my wife Andrea Strauss and our daughter Tatiana circa May 2002, pic, and a full family ensemble just after the birth of our son Sebastian, including our setter Nahuel, from June 2004 pic.

Non-academic interests include watching soccer (..I am a fairly enthusiastic fan of Universidad de Chile,) and running.

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