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Francis Bonahon

Math 226, Calculus III

Fall 2017, Class 39565R

Section with 11AM lecture time

This is the main page of the class MATH 226 taught by Francis Bonahon at 11:00 MWF. Announcements for the class will be posted here, including a syllabus and homework assignments.

The Supplemental Instruction sessions of your SI leader Seema are beginning on Monday August 28. Her sessions are held  Monday 4-4:50, 5-5:50 in VKC 108, and Wednesday 2-2:50, 3-3:50 in THH 121. See also the SI site at

The Final Exam will be held on Wednesday December 6, from 2:00 to 4:00, in SGM 124.

Final exam rules (same as for the midterms): No calculator or cell phone. You can bring a "cheat sheet" where you can write whatever you think will be useful for the exam; the cheat sheet should be regular letter sized, written in your own handwriting. You can now use both sides of the cheat sheet. Please bring your student ID (or any other identification), as there will be a few random checks. Paper will be provided, but of course come with writing utensils (pencil, or pen, etc.).

Extra office hours: I will be holding office hours in my office KAP 248G (with possible overflow in the Math Center KAP 263) on:
Monday December 4, 1:00- 2:30
Tuesday December 5, 1:00 - 3:00
Wednesday December 11:00 - 1:00 (last minute questions)

SI review sessions: Supplemental Instructions review sessions
General Review: Saturday Dec. 2, 4-6pm
Ch. 10-11: Sunday Dec. 3, 4-6pm
Ch. 12: Monday Dec 4, 11-1pm
Ch. 13: Tuesday Dec 5, 11-1pm
(You will need to check the SI page for locations)

For final exam review, you can find many previous Math 226 exams on the Math Center Page. The practice exam for the first and second midterms were here and here.