Marshall School of Business
University of Southern California

Anthony Dukes
Associate Professor of Marketing

Notice: Someone has been using my name and position to send bizarre comments and suggestions to businesses via the U.S. Postal Service. If you have received something like this in the mail with my name, it did NOT come from me.


CV of Anthony Dukes




Research Interests


   Advertising, Commercial Media, and Two-sided Markets

   Marketing Channels & Retailing


   Marketing & Antitrust

Refereed Publications (with links to recent publications)

Online Shopping Intermediaries: The Design of Search Environments (with Lin Liu), Management Science, forthcoming. Supplemental Appendix.

The Informational Role of Product Trade-ins for Pricing Durable Goods (with Ohjin Kwon, S. Siddarth, and Jorge-Silva Risso), Journal of Industrial Economics, forthcoming.

Selective Reporting of Factual Content by Commercial Media (with Yi Zhu), Journal of Marketing Research, February 2015. Supplemental Appendix.

Dominant Retailerís Incentive for Product Quality in Asymmetric Retail Channels (with Tansev Geylani & Yunchuan Liu), Marketing Letters, March 2014.

Consideration Set Formation with Multiproduct Firms: The Case of Within-Firm & Across-Firm Evaluation Costs (with Lin Liu), Management Science, August 2013.

Who Benefits from Bilateral Information Sharing in a Retail Channel? (with Esther Gal-Or and Tansev Geylani), Economics Letters, August 2011.

Local Competition, Entry, and Agglomeration (with Ting Zhu and Vishal Singh), Quantitative Marketing & Economics, June 2011.

The End of the Robinson-Patman Act? Evidence from Legal Case Data (with Tansev Geylani, Ryan Luchs, and Kannan Srinivasan), Management Science, December 2010

In-Store Media and Distribution Channel Coordination (with Yunchuan Liu), Marketing Science, Jan-Feb 2010

Pricing in vitro Fertilization Procedures (with Rajeev Tyagi), Health Economics, December 2009

Strategic Assortment Reduction by a Dominant Retailer (with Tansev Geylani and Kannan Srinivasan), Marketing Science, Mar-Apr 2009, Supplemental Appendix

Information Sharing in a Channel with Partially Informed Retailers (with Esther Gal-Or and Tansev Geylani), Marketing Science, Jul-Aug 2008

Optimal Information Revelation in Procurement Schemes (with Esther Gal-Or and Mordechai Gal-Or), RAND Journal of Economics, Summer 2007

Strategic Manufacturer Response to a Dominant Retailer (with Tansev Geylani and Kannan Srinivasan), Marketing Science, Mar-Apr 2007

Channel Bargaining with Retailer Asymmetry (with Esther Gal-Or and Kannan Srinivasan), Journal of Marketing Research, February 2006. Supplemental Appendix.

On the Profitability of Media Mergers (with Esther Gal-Or), Journal of Business, March 2006

Media Concentration and Consumer Product Prices, Economic Inquiry, January 2006

The Advertising Market in a Product Oligopoly, Journal of Industrial Economics, September 2004

Minimum Differentiation in Commercial Media Markets (with Esther Gal-Or),
Journal of Economics and Management Strategy
, Fall 2003. Supplemental Appendix.

Negotiations and Exclusivity Contracts for Advertising (with Esther Gal-Or),
Marketing Science, Spring 2003


         Associate Editor:

         Marketing Science (2013-)

         Quantitative Marketing and Economics (2013-)

         European Economic Review (2003-2013)

         Editorial Review Board Member:

         Journal of Marketing (2011-)

         Marketing Science (2009-2013)


  • Marketing Management (Evening MBA Core)
  • Pricing Strategies (MBA Elective)
  • Quantitative Marketing Models (PhD)
  • Advanced Quantitative Methods in Marketing (PhD Elective)††

Last updated: February 2015