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Welcome to the website of the USC Amateur Radio Club!

Located on the campus of the University of Southern California, the USC Amateur Radio Club has a lengthy history. The club is now headquartered in Vivian Hall with rooftop antennas on the 7th floor.

USCARC is the proud holder of the prestigous W6YV callsign. In the late 1990s, with the help of the previous Faculty Advisor and Trustee, Charlie Waddell, KC6W, Curtis Roseman changed the callsign from WB6JHC to W6YV. The W6Y* call is significant because it is similar to that of many other major university and college club calls, e.g., W6YX (Stanford); W9YH (Illinois); W9YT (Wisconsin) and many more. Thanks to W6YV member Fritz Sommer (N6UK), you can see scanned examples of other universities QSL cards by clicking here.

We have a 1980s HF tranceiver, tri-band beam (10-15-20) and a 80/40 meter dipole. We also have a room full of either junk or treasures, depending upon ones viewpoint. The potential for projects and activities is excellent.

You can read more about the history of the USC Amateur Radio Club on our "History Page."

The University requires all student organizations to have a "Constitution," so we have one.

In February 2004, Fritz Sommer submitted scans of some very interesting old QSL cards showing examples of amateur radio clubs at other universities (the W*Y* callsigns). You can see them at:

In 2002/2003, USCARC member Tom Rothwell (K6ZT) served as the elected president of Eta Kappa Nu, the national honor society for electrical and computer engineering. Rothwell was elected to membership in 1953 while attending the University of Southern California. He is a retired Hughes Aircraft Company group vice president and division manager. First licensed in early 1947, he spent three years in the US Air Force, much of it in postwar Japan, where he held the call signs J5AAL, J2AAL and JA3AA. (He won the CQ World Wide DX CW contest for Japan in 1948 and the ARRL International DX Contest--Phone and CW--for Japan in 1949.) An Extra class licensee, Rothwell still enjoys chasing DX on CW. He lives in Los Alamitos, California. Founded in 1904, Eta Kappa Nu has some 100,000 members and chapters at more than 200 colleges with accredited curricula in electrical or computer engineering.

(Vivian Rothwell Photo)

Prof. Curtis Roseman participated in a recent ARRL VHF contest. You can read about it on the USCARC "Events" page (click on the button on the top right corner of this page) or directly on the ARRL website at:


W6YV Trustee: Curtis Roseman (Faculty Advisor, 1991-2004)

Faculty Advisors (2004): Douglas Noble and Karen M. Kensek

For further information, contact:

Prof. Douglas Noble
204 Watt Hall, MC 0291
School of Architecture
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0291
213 740-4589

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