Instructions for Reaction Papers for CS673, Fall 2017

The idea of reaction papers is for you to familiarize yourselves more in depth with some of the material covered in class, and do some reading beyond what was covered. At the same time, you should be thinking beyond what you just read, and not just take other people's work for granted.

Consequently, your reaction paper should cover at least four research papers on closely related topics. At least two of these should be papers that were not covered in class, and are not on the reading list for the class, nor cited in the course notes. In other words, go find papers that I may not have heard about yet. You are welcome to discuss more than four papers, if you feel that it fits well with your narrative.

The reaction paper should be individual work. In particular, you should go look for the papers yourself, i.e., not simply ask your classmates "Which other papers did you discuss?".

Your writeup should be about 3--5 pages with normal fonts and margins. If you have a lot to say, in particular along the lines of new ideas, it can be longer. If it is much shorter, you probably are not going into enough depth. The organization should be roughly as follows.