David Kempe's Homepage

Associate Professor
Associate Chair of Undergraduate Programs
Department of Computer Science, University of Southern California

Previous affiliations:
2003-2004: Postdoc, University of Washington (Advisor: Anna Karlin)
1998-2003: PhD, Cornell University (Advisor: Jon Kleinberg)

Contact Information

Office: SAL 232
Office phone: (213)-740-6438 (but e-mail is usually better)
Office hours: See office hours for my classes, or otherwise by appointment.

Note: Since December 2008, USC filters out spam messages, and I do not get to see anything classified as spam. There is a tiny chance your message might have been filtered. If you sent me something and don't hear from me within an appropriate time, try sending again, preferably with fewer links, no spam keywords, etc.

If you want to contact me to work with me (as a PhD student, for a directed study, as a PostDoc, or as a summer intern), your e-mail should include specific information about how your and my research interests overlap. Any e-mail that looks like a mass mailing will be ignored.

Research Interests

Algorithms and theoretical computer science, specifically applications to networks, auctions and mechanisms design, algorithms on graphs, randomized algorithms, and information flow through networks. My publications can be found on the publications page.

Conference Organization

Mini-Symposium on The Formation and Function of Social Networks at the SIAM Annual Conference 2008. Thursday, July 10, 2008, 10:30am-12:30am.

Recent Teaching

A collection of various teaching materials I have written at some point or other.

For each class I teach, only the most recent iteration is listed below.

Programming Contest

I am one of the organizers of the USC Programming Contest. Follow the link for more information on past and future contests, and instructions for registering.

Current Students

I currently co-supervise five Ph.D. students and one undergraduate student:

Ph.D. Students

Undergraduate Student

You can also see a list of my former students.

Theory Group

We have an active CS Theory Group. We have a regular meeting Fridays at noon, which features a mix of speakers (internal and external) and informal lunches. Announcements for these meetings are sent via a Google list USC-Theory-Group at http://groups.google.com/group/USC-Theory-Group. That list is used for internal announcements (lunches, ...), discussions, etc. Subscription is by approval only, but every subscriber can post to that list.

If you are not a member of the CS Theory Group, but would like to receive announcements about talks of broader interest (external speakers in theory seminar or CS colloquium talks, as well as occasional talks outside USC), you can subscribe to our other Google list: http://groups.google.com/group/USC-Theory. There is only a small number of trusted people who can post to this list, so you won't be spammed.

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