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USC Phonetics Laboratory
Professors Dani Byrd, Louis Goldstein, Khalil Iskarous

Jelena Krivokapic; Photo credit: Stacey Halper

The USC Phonetics Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility for acoustic and articulatory speech analysis. It includes a computing space and a physiology space, and features the following capabilities:

Magnetometer Articulatory Movement Tracking Systems
Northern Digital Instruments Wave Speech Research System

Dual Wave systems for simultaneous recordings from two speakers

Photo credit: Stacey Halper

Laryngeal Data Collection

Glottal Enterprises Electroglottograph

Real-time MRI (with USC SAIL Laboratory, Narayanan)

Data Analysis
MATLAB: with Simulink, Signal Processing Toolbox, MView and
MAVIS-EVENTS (M. Tiede) with signal derivation & event marking capability

Optical flow analysis software (A. V. Barbosa, Yehia, & Vatikiotis-Bateson, 2008)
Correlation Map Analysis (CMA) software (A. Barbosa et al., 2012)

E-Prime and Spruce behavioral experiment software

Excel, Matlab, and R statistics packages

Audio Capabilities
Macquirer external A-D hardware
mAudio multi-channel direct-to-digital signal acquisition 

Audio Recorders: Marantz portable cassette recorder, 2 Sony handheld pro cassette recorder, Onkyo dual cassette deck, Portable Tascam DAT recorder

Microphones: Dynamic: Two Shure head-mounted cardiod; Sennheiser e845 super-cardiod, Condenser: Sennheiser short gun super-cardioid (K6 power module + ME66 capsule) with boom and table mounts, Audio-Technica C87-MKII Studio Microphone, Omni Lavalier microphone, various line-level USB microphones, Hi-fi open field & supra-aural headphones, Rolls pre-amp & mixer, Altec and Harmon Kardon powered speakers

Synthesis and Analysis

  • TaDA:  Task Dynamics Articulatory Speech Synthesis
  • Macquirer & Pitchworks software
  • Praat
  • Synthworks: Graphical interface Klatt synthesis
  • Kay Elemetrics MultiSpeech
  • Kay Elemetrics ASL for LPC resynthesis
  • Audacity, CoolEdit, Wavesurfer and PeakLE waveform editors

Various Teaching and Office Software
Anatomical Charts and Models

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