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Dani Byrd's LINKLIST

Discovering Speech, Words and Mind (Wiley-Blackwell)

Discovering Speech, Words and Mind
a general audience
DSWM covertextbook by Byrd and Mintz
    associated website

General Linguistics & Speech

LSA: What is Linguistics

LSA:  What is 'Correct' Language? by Ed Finegan

UCLA Phonetics Lab Data

Phonetics Resources

E.L. Easton English Around the World

The Power of Reading and Writing: Careers to Improve Literacy

Ladefoged's Phonetics Textbooks

Peter Ladefoged's A Course in Phonetics

Peter Ladefoged's Vowels and Consonants

Speech Synthesis

SpeechLinks: Speech Synthesis

Speech Synthesis Examples

Software for teaching Speech Synthesis

UCSC Baldi Visual Speech Synthesis Research Demos

Speech Physiology and Speech Production

USC Speech Production and Articulation kNowledge Group SPAN

rtMRI IPA Charts

Virtual Tour of the Ear: Speech

Andrew Lundberg Vocal Tract Visualization

Brad Story's 3-D Vocal Tract MRI Gallery

X-ray Film Database for Speech Research

Cochlear Fluids Lab - Washington University

Glottis from Above


UCR Audiovisual Speech and Auditory Event Perception Laboratory

EGG & Voice Quality--Stuttgart

Animated ASL dictionary (requires flash)

Physiological Phonetics

Common Misconceptions About Hearing Loss (by Marek Roland-Mieszkowski, Ph.D.)--Please READ this

Community for Accredited Online Schools:  Supporting Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

College Advice for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students


Speech processing at macquarie

Spectrogram Reading (and what are waveforms? And what are formants?)

Sound basics in the context of violins

Physics Tutorial System: Sound Waves Module

Wave Simulations

Waves and Resonance Demos at Auburn

The Throat Singers of Tuva: September 1999 Article in Scientific American

Friends of Tuva

Speech Analysis 1998 article by Tony Robinson


Categorical Perception Information and Demo

Breaking a wine glass using resonance

Bridge Resonance

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse Movie

but, websites on why the Tacoma Narrows failure is not due to resonance:
Mark Ketchum's Bridge Aerodynamics Page

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Failure

Sound Waves and Music

Acoustical Standard Terms Database (searchable)

Tutorials and Courses

Intro to Linguistics by Mark Liberman

Intro to Phonetics by Mark Liberman

Russell's Phonetics class

Linguistic Phonetics by Edward Flemming

Speech Production: Bunnell

How Infants Learn language: Aslin, Gleitman, Jucszyk, and Saffran

Steven Bird's Software for Field Data Analysis

Dave's List Of Words That Are Fun To Say

Atlas of North American English

A course on Animal Learning and Cognition

Phonetics Web Tutorials from UCL

Sound and Fury (documentary on cochlear implants)
...and, Sound and Fury: 6 years later
A TED Talk from Heather Artinian, from Sound and Fury

Interactive MidSagittal Section (you click, it draws)

Talking IPA Chart

John Goldsmith's Handouts and Slides

An online course on ToBI

Dynamical Systems Tutorial by Schöner

Matlab Academy

Dynamics & Biomechanics


SCTPLS Basic Workshop - Frames Edition

Brown Dynamics Tutorial

Biomechanics WorldWide

The Center for Complex Systems

The Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and Life Sciences

Nonlinearity and Complexity Home Page

Complexity at the Exploratorium

The Chaos Hypertextbook (on-line demos)

Language Reference


The Human Languages Page

Linguist List

Rutgers Optimality Archive - Home



University Departments & Labs

USC Linguistics Homepage

USC Linguistics Department Blog


Language Technologies Institute - CMU

Edward Flemming's Home Page

Haskins Laboratories Home Page

UCLA Phonetics Lab

U of R Linguistics Home Page

MIT Linguistics

University of Michigan Phonetics and Phonology Lab

Northwestern Prosody & Speech Dynamics Lab

Ohio State Linguistics Laboratory Homepage

UNM Linguistics Department

UPenn Linguistics Department Home Page

Department of Linguistics at the University of Arizona

IMS Stuttgart (lots of reference material)

House Ear Institute


RLE Speech Communication Group at MIT

Phonetics & Experimental Phonology Lab at NYU

Institute of Phonetics and Speech Processing LMU Munich

UC Berkeley Phonology Lab

UT Austin SoundLab

UDel Speech, Phonetics & Phonology Laboratory

Northwestern Department of Linguistics: Sound

UBC Research & Resources


International Phonetic Association
   Download IPA Chart

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Acoustical Society of America

Speech Communication

Cognitive Science Society

Linguistic Society of America

Lab Equipment and Software

The Wave Speech Research System--Northern Digital

EMA, Electromagnetic Articulography at UCLA

Praat: doing Phonetics by Computer

Praat Script Archives

Human Movement Tracking

EGG at Stuttgart

Full Compass

Cables N More

Audacity: cross-platform waveform editor

Speech/Language Journals

Journal of the Acoustical Society of America


Journal of Phonetics

Human Movement Science

Journal of the International Phonetic Association

Science and Science Journals


Scientific American




Science Direct Journals

Behavioral and Brain Science

Brain and Language


Federal Sites




Other References

AIP Style Manual

Karla's Guide to Citation Style Guides

US Geological Survey--Earthquake Info

Hugh's Mortgage & Financial Calculators