USC has a strong and active Theory and Algorithms group, with research spanning a broad range of topics within theoretical computer science. Our group has made significant contributions to algorithmic game theory, algorithmic number theory, biological computing, computational geometry, cryptography, graph theory, learning theory, numerical analysis, optimization, privacy, quantum computing, social network analysis and the theory of computing. A large, active, and collaborative student body makes USC a vibrant and welcoming environment in which to conduct world-class research in theoretical computer science.


Len Adleman

Ilias Diakonikolas

Shaddin Dughmi

Ming-Deh Huang

David Kempe

Aleksandra Korolova

Haipeng Luo

Hamid Nazerzadeh

Ben Reichardt

Shang-Hua Teng


Research Interests:
   Spectral Graph Theory,
   Smoothed Analysis,
   Algorithmic Game Theory & Economics,
   Computational Geometry,
   and Scientific Computing
   ACM Godel Prize, Fulkerson Prize,
   ACM Fellow, Sloan Fellow
Research Interests:
  Algorithmic Game Theory,
  Approximation Algorithms,
  Combinatorial Optimization.
  ACM EC Best Student Paper Award
Research Interests:
  DNA Computing,
  Computational Number Theory,
  Complex Analysis.
  ACM Turing Award, National Academy of Science,
  National Academy of Engineering, American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
Research Interests:
  Computational Number Theory,
  Quantum Computing, Cryptography
  NSF Presidential Young Investigator Award
Research Interests:
  Network Sciences, Optimization,
  Algorithmic Game Theory
  NSF CAREER Award, ONR Young Investigator Award, Sloan Fellow
Research Interests:
  Data privacy, privacy-preserving algorithms and technologies,
  Dig data applications, large-scale data mining of social and information networks
Research Interests:
  Mechanism design, Optimization and
  their applications in the design and operation of online markets
Research Interests:
  Quantum algorithms, Fault-tolerant quantum computation,
  Cryptography, Quantum information theory,
  Geometry of minimal surfaces.
Research Interests:
  Algorithms, learning, statistics, and applied probability,
  Big data algorithmics for machine learning,
  Optimization and game theory.
Research Interests:
  Online learning, Bandits,
  Boosting, Optimization,
  Game theory