Aravind Asok - University of Southern California

Math 540:  Algebraic topology


Instructor: Aravind Asok


Suggested reading: (we will not follow any one textbook)

Grading System:

Midterm Exam:  In class, TBA

Final Exam:  TBA

Collaboration: I strongly encourage you to work in groups.

However, homework you turn in must be written in your own words - homework which is simply copied from another source (friend, another textbook, internet, etc.) will be considered plagiarized.
Academic Integrity
The instructor strongly adheres to the University policies regarding academic integrity violations, and will strictly enforce these rules. You are encouraged to review those, for instance in the 2014-2015 issue of SCampus.

Homework 1 - Due Monday 11 Sep 2017
Homework 2 - Due Wednesday 20 Sep 2017
Homework 3 - Due Wednesday 27 Sep 2017
Homework 4 - Due Wednesday 4 Oct 2017
Homework 5 - Due Friday 13 Oct 2017
Homework 6 - Due Monday 23 Oct 2017

Last modified:  October 6, 2017